Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Psycho 1960 Dir. Alfred Hitchcock

Most psychological movies i seen starts with a crime scene and lets the viewer with suspense. The movie gave me quiet a surprise in getting Janet Leigh killed as i felt like she would be the one living through the entire movie in the start. Secondly i really believed Anthony Perkins mother to be still alive. The psychological influences of the characters in the movie showed the darker and tragic sides of the character. There are many similar kind of movie adaptations. 
For example the movie vacancy(2007) shows the same style of a motel which is deserted and having a very sinister approach.

A young married couple becomes stranded at an isolated motel and finds hidden video cameras in their room. They realize that unless they escape, they'll be the next victims. But what i felt missing in this movie was that there was mot much psychological pressure but just plain nightmare similar to House of wax(2005).
The movie Halloween(1978) and Scream(1996) gives a good example of psychological impact on the story play as well as nightmare.
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Rope 1948 Dir. Alfred Hitchcock

The movie Rope had a very straight dramatic storyboard being psychologically influential which i also find it in most of Shakespeare's play. The entire movie took place in a single environment moving time with conversation to pull the viewers to its attention. It sure was a short sweet way of play through in the minds of two people who committed a crime.
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Friday, February 12, 2010

Finalysing Thoughts: On Storyboarding

After finalysing my thoughts on tuesdays workshop with Phil i tried to grab some examples.
I found this video to be very funny and interesting about a taxidermist.

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Tuesday, February 2, 2010

New ideas after todays lecture.

So after a huge confusion and thought about how i am going to relate my story with the three words which are farm, matchbox and taxidermist, i finally came to an conclusion.
First the scene and its environment : the scene consist of a lonesome farm further away from the town with a bit cinematic old fashioned look, and the farm has lots of animals but which aren't actually real animals as they or dolls who look real like.
Second the character and concept : The character is a lonesome taxidermist who is thin, looks lifeless and has a dull grim look on his face.
Since i didn't know what to do with the matchbox, i came with an idea of relating the matchbox to something of the characters past as a feeling of something sinful being committed. And i am planing to develop this idea to a bit tragic and happy ending =/.
I can just feel the clock ticking for this brief and i know its gonna get harder ;)..
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Todays film in lecture theatre : La jetee

Though the movie consisted of images, i found it very interesting till the end. It has a concept of a man traveling through time to past and future with some scientist using him as a test subject. The movie had a very good twist and narrative story boarding to it. The ending of the movie had a very good shocking concept as he was going for his own death. And the man who he saw die before his eyes when he was a kid was none other then himself. I also found the film had the idea of repeating history over itself again and again.
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Monday, February 1, 2010

Unit 4 : Story telling

Today's lecture gave me some ideas as i went through the brief again.

My three words are:
Match box..

I have chosen one idea of creating a suspence in my story. First i thought of something alien related and then more of a puzzle related story. I grabbed a book relating to story boarding and techniques in the library. I got a good concept of a suspense in my story but i also need to give some good thought about the length of the story and the content relating to my three words.
My story idea is a bit unfinished thought as i been trying to get some more ideas. The story starts from a
lonely farm with a spacious environment which is a bit far from town. With a Taxidermist who lives in it, he looks a little thin and grey with green eyes and he finds something strange last night to be happening around his farm.
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