Friday, April 30, 2010


so in this project the brief has asked to create a video in maximum of two minutes in duration. And also make a presentation which should last no longer then 10 minutes.

and after the briefing i decided to do something related to the first diagram origin of eukaryotes...
i decided on dividing these cells and explaining them in a way of giving it a character and more of a model... As i have got these ideas which are a bit similar to the cartoons and some movies i have scene related to human body for example magic school bus, dragonball z kid buu saga, etc i also decided to finish the review and story board as i could further research and develope an idea to make my character more active... I also tried to get some more details regarding this image on how i could elabrote and what way i could make it more fluent  as i would be adding its changes as u see in the diagram with the detail of how the cell developes in time and to recearch more on its characteristics..


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