Sunday, July 4, 2010


My first resource to making my final video is the idea derived from this diagram which shows the birth of eukaryotes.
As i further developed my idea of showing the bacteria in my first sequence.
And later on show the eukaryotic cells which is formed from a bacteria...
(bacteria as shown in video)
(eukaryotes as shown in video)
The bacteria in the first sequence is more of a common unicellular cell that is found in muddy water.
As the second sequence i try to show the sudden rise and fall of unicellular cells.
This video is more like an advertisement bringing/showing the interest and wonders of cells relating to the first diagram.
(simple sketch of eukaryotic cell a multicellular organism)
During the final sequence i tried to show a more defined character of the eukaryotic cell just to show it as a life form with a unique behaviour as it dances its way to the rest of the cells and works as an unicellular organism.


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